Traveling with dogs internationally [6 essential things]

traveling with dogs internationally
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Thinking to fly with your dog internationally? In that case, it’s more like a responsibility than entertaining. You and your dog equally have to go through a lot of stress. In that sense, Dog Mexico is going to show you 6 essential things that you should keep in mind while traveling with dogs internationally.

Who doesn’t love their pets? But what if, you have to fly internationally for a purpose? Now you must be thinking what should you do? In the sense, you want to take your pet with you but don’t know the required things.

You must be excited by thinking that you will not have to keep your pet alone. Moreover, you will be on an international tour with your adorable pet. But your excitement will also increase your responsibilities. You have to work hard to make your pet worthy of traveling internationally.

Your dog is going to travel with you. Sounds thrilling right? However, for that, your pet also needs to be ready in every aspect. Prepare your dog to be introduced to the new place and new environment. When your pet will be comfortable in the place, both of you will enjoy your trip.

Furthermore, wherever you are taking your dog or pet, the place should be safe for them. Subsequently, they should feel comfortable with the new place. Otherwise, they will feel irritated and you also will not be able to enjoy your trip.

Are you flying with your dog for the first time? Are you also in some kind of trouble? Then let’s go ahead and find out the required steps.

6 essential things on traveling with dogs internationally


  1. Airline Allowance

For traveling airline is the first thing that you should check. To begin with, you have to check out the airlines if they allow dogs or not. There are many airlines, which do not permit to fly with dogs. So do a must check before you make any plan to fly with your dog.

In addition, to travel with your pet, you have to submit various

documents to fly with your dog. When you are thinking to take your pet with yourself prepare the necessary documents. Otherwise, at the last moment, you can face a hassled situation.

  1. Required Documents

Next, while flying with your dog, you have to do full research on your dog’s health. Because you have to show documents multiple times that your dog is in good health to fly. Your dogs need to be fit and fine enough to travel with you.

traveling with dogs internationally
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Furthermore, You need a health certificate. You have to submit it and all the other paperwork to travel with your dog. In Europe, it’s easier. Because you get a full passport of your dog. That makes the travel thing easier.


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  1. Rabies- free Country

You have planned to go on a trip with your dog. But did you research about the place? This one is a very important step. You have to do proper research on the place. Because your dog has to be comfortable in the place you are taking.

Firstly, check the place or country whether its Rabies ( A dog’s virus) free or not. However, make sure that you are flying to a virus-free country. So that your dog or pet doesn’t get affected by anything. On the off chance, you should give him proper vaccination.

What do you think about the mentioned steps for traveling with your pet? In that sense, there are still some more important things that should be checked before traveling.


More steps on the traveling with dogs internationally


  1. Accurate Vaccination

Make your pet microchipped and vaccinated before you take your dog to travel. You need to implant a 15 digit and non-encrypted microchip. Vaccination is important before and after implanting the microchip.

traveling with dogs internationally
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However, if you are going to rabies controlled country, then you have to vaccinate your dog for at least 30 days before entering the country. The majority of countries check the documents if the pet is vaccinated or not. In that sense, this step is also very much important.

  1. Pet’s necessary stuff

As you are now taking your pet with you you must take his/her important stuff with you, right? In that sense, start your packing at least one week ago. You can also make a list with the purpose of you don’t miss anything. For example:

  • Pack their food and water. It’s a must-have thing. So, don’t forget to take it.
  • Poop bags are another important thing. You have to carry it.
  • Don’t forget to take their collar and leash. You also love to take them around with their collar right?
  • First aid kit is very much important while traveling. Because your pet can be hurt at any time. And you may not get anything to do their treatment.
  • Last but not least, their favorite toy. They will love to play around with their toys. Therefore keep it on the list also.

The above-mentioned stuff was some of the very important and necessary things to carry with you while you are traveling with your dog.

  1. Accommodation Confirmation

The right accommodation should be confirmed if you wanna take your pet on an international tour. Additionally, you should find out the hotel mandatory research for an instant if the hotel allows pets or how much they will charge and many more.

traveling with dogs internationally
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The place where you are staying that also should be properly checked, for instance, the hotel environment. Furthermore, what kind of service the hotel is providing, be sure about it. Check if the hotel is providing your pet with proper accommodation, food, medication.

To recapitulate the topic of traveling with dogs internationally, we tried to show you some essentials steps. These steps are very much important while traveling. Make sure not to miss any of them. Otherwise, you will have to face trouble at the last moment.

Therefore there are some hotels and airlines which do not allow any pet. So, before you plan your trip make sure the hotel and airport are pet-friendly. Once you confirm all the things, you are ready to fly with your pet. Enjoy your trip and let us know how it was.

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