Thinking about getting a dog for the first time: Ultimate suggestions

thinking about getting a dog for the first time
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Let’s make clear one thing, are you thinking about getting a dog for the first time? Or, are you going to having a dog for your own? Keep in mind, keeping a dog is not just a fun game or something like that. Rather it claims something more. Dog Mexico, brought here some valuable tips and tricks for you in this relation.

Apart from that, in this article, you will also find complete guidelines on what to do when you get a new dog. Therefore, this writing is going to be your comprehensive solution to start thinking of getting a dog to make it solely yours by proper supervision. Thus, be with it, surely it will pay you back soon.

As we have mentioned earlier, dog getting is not just entertainment, moderately it is a great responsibility. To be very honest it’s a life-long obligation. Therefore, before finalizing your decision to getting it, some preparation should be taken on that.

We can understand that you are a little bit excited about it. However, considering your mental condition, here we going to make it hurry for you, instead of letting you wait for more. So, let’s see what should you consider before taking a dog for yours:

  • Firstly, you should have to clear the reason you want to get a dog. In light of the fact, getting a pooch for a long time shouldn’t be an emotional choice. Yet, unfortunately, most people not away from it.
  • Secondly, What types of dog you are looking for. There are many types, Bulldog, Huskey, Labrador, Pug, for instance, and also many others. Thus, make sure that your targeted pooch.
  • Thirdly, what age of dog you want. On the off chance that most of the people love the cute puppy. But, apart from it, you are not like that one, we believe. Because you want it for life-long, right? So, try to be keen on the age of the dog you are going to get.
  • Fourth and finally, how much you ready to pay for that. If it is a gift from your friends or family, that’s another thing. If not, you must buy it from the pet shop, and it cost you, even you may have to break the bank for it.

Now let us know, what are you thinking about getting a dog for the first time?

Are you ready to get it? Yes? Ok, then let’s have a look at the below steps that you should be ahead for that:

This is a great concern about having a dog for life long. Besides this as you are within the family and they are also might have something to say on it. Moreover, due to offer a nice as well as a safe environment for your upcoming dog, you need your family members’ cooperation.

Be that as it may, call a household conference, tell them you are thinking to get a dog. Seek permission and confirm that you need all the family members’ cooperation. Subsequently, brief them on the reason to get it.


  • Make a room ready to welcome it

The four legs loving baby is coming to lighten your home. Thus, it’s your duty to make your comfort zone for it. Consider it as one of the family members that going to entertain you and your family.

Keep in mind, as a dog owner your real responsibility begins from here, actively. In the event that this is the first step, you need to make. It’s better to keep it in a separate zone. Eventually, it may love to bite or chew something, or, want to travel around, therefore, make the zone safe for it.

  • Don’t be panic, rather patient

Ok, your little baby might travel around much more than you are expected. Or, it screaming huge and continuously, yet be cool instead of panic. Try to understand what’s the reason behind it. Therefore, take action to solve it.

Moreover, like a human baby, this is also a new world for your puppy. It might do some overactivity that might not be normal to see. Relatively, it may want to experience more on chewing, biting or do other than it.

Be that as it may, behave with it like as you did with your little baby. Your patient needed eagerly while thinking about receiving a pooch for the first time.

  • Keep in touch with the Vet

Don’t dare to let your vet away from you, never. Rather, keep a close touch for the sake of your newborn cute puppy’s health. Be sure that being a dog owner it is solely your responsibility to make its wellbeing. Keep a safe as well as a hygienic living place for it.


Apart from this, consult your vet in advance about it’s caring, how to feed, what to feed, when to feed, for instance. Furthermore, there is some vaccine that might be needed to give it in advance at an early age, make sure about it.

  • Make a feeding and nutrition regimen

Oh, no, not really we are just indicating on enough food to feed it. Rather, it’s a matter to feed it the healthy foods. With the prescription from your vet, make a regular nutrition regimen for it.

In this connection, also keep in mind that there are numerous foods are available in the market. Pich the best one for it, that fits best to its health and circumstances.

thinking about getting a dog for the first time
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Don’t go for the cheap one, often it becomes food-value-less. Better you for the first few days make close supervision after giving foods, and see how it reacts to it. Or, if there are any abnormalities shown- then leave or continue.

  • Coach it

Do it from day one. Due to early-age, this is the best time to teach it. Start with the most common manner- come, go, eat, sit, for instance. Give some time it to habituated, then run for the next level. However, don’t be hurry, rather slow and steady.

what to do when you get a new dog
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After a few days of coaching. See the result- if it is good, make an incentive for that. Remember, as human dogs also fond of rewards and attention. Additionally, you may make some special treat for it, however, occasionally.

Continue your coaching consistently and in a tricky way. So, that can easily adapt to the command. In the time of thinking about receiving a dog for the first time, coaching is very important to make it follow your command properly.

  • Love it

This point should come first, yet we have to turn it at the bottom line due to we are pretty sure about it. As we have mentioned in the beginning, this is not just a game, rather somethings more related to responsibility.

what to do when you get a new dog
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It may make your room dirty, having the washroom may feel you disturb, however, you should love it. Behave with it like father, or mother. It, definitely pay back you more, even more.

Ok, you have a new dog as you are expected to, however,

What to do when you get a new dog?

You will be a little bit surprised about whatever to do once you get a fresh pooch is more superior than getting it for you. Because the dog getting decision might depend on only you. Eventually, make it with a healthy and safe living- claims tons of things to do.

Moving from one to another place is joyful, yet, in some cases it’s might be hassle-full, especially for the dogs. Therefore, you should be keen on some formalities to be taken when you get a new dog. And, here we go:

  • Take a dog authorization:
    This is a mandatory thing to do to get a dog license from the local authority. However, the licensing requirements may vary from area to area. But, it should be acknowledged in writing to the local administration that you have a new four-footed member in your family. Subsequently, it will help to find your dog if you lose it, ever.


 Suggestions for New Dog owner:


  • Make health insurance:
    On the off chance that you may want to make health insurance for your dog. It will give its health safety, relatively, you also could be worry-free about your pooch health guard. Find the local animal care center and take help from them.


  • Give it extra time:
    As it’s just moved from a familiar space to a new one, it may feel uneasy, or a little bit shy. So, keep it with extra attention to be normal. Don’t try to show it to your friends or another new one outsides the home for the first couple of days.
what to do when you get a new dog
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  • Introduce to your family:
    Slowly, start introducing it with your family members, especially kids, who will spend more time with it. Have patient, make it steadily, and don’t overwhelming. Do everything in a pleasant way and cool.


  • Introduce its bed to sleep:
    This is the most important thing for it to show it’s a crate to sleep. Yet, for the first time dog owner, it seems a little bit hard for you. Subsequently, the puppy also might feel uneasy to get it, however, just take time to make it used to with its’ bed.

  • Set a daily routine for it:
    Figures out a daily schedule is also one of the most essential things to do while getting a new dog at your home. Plenty of things involved in it, when to feed, when to sleep, when to play, for instance, figure it out and implement from day one.


  • Collect sufficient materials for it:
    Due to ensure an enjoyable as well as a safe zone for your new puppy, get al the things it may need. Apart from its basic utilities, bed, leash or collar, for instance, you also need to arrange some amusement items for it. In the event that, you may need to get some dogs toy or treat-related items for your dog.


  • Take it to move around:
    Without losing the leash, make it move around your house with you. Let it be familiar with all the things surround your home. Make it feel that it’s his/her own home. However, in this period, don’t let it be away from your control, rather keep the leash in your hand.


  • Walk outside the home:
    After three to four days, make it introduces with the outside of your residence. Create a chance for it to see the home-side and be familiar with all the materials it may face in the future. However, never lose the leash, rather let it confirm that you are its boss.


  • Give a treat after the tour:
    On the off chance that this is the most fecund trick to make it follow your command properly. You should start it from day one. Every animal ( even humans also) fond of the treat. Rewards make all the things happen some times. Subsequently, it brings good, even, the best things to do. So, reward it, after a task is done.

To conclude, thinking about getting a dog for the first time & then, what to do when you get a new dog- not really just a game, rather something more, right?

Therefore, read it carefully. You have to invest not only money but also plenty of time also. You should be with it at least for the first few days of training due to make it feel that you are the leader for it. Don’t let it follow you until you permit it.

Behave peaceful and insistent with it. Giving tons of attention, gradually it will be your entertainment, surely. Keep in mind, being a dog owner you are responsible to make it happy. Eventually, ensure safe and healthy living.

At last but not the least, if you’ve gone through the above tips and tricks, you may find something amazing with your loving dog.

Thus, don’t forget to share it with the dog lovers (even with who are not) if you find something good in it.

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