How to train a dog to listen to commands [3 easy steps for you]

how to train a dog to listen to commands
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Dog Mexico started its quest to find the best dog for you. Yet, it is a pretty hard task to do, however, possible. Plenty of dogs are there in the market. Just pick one of them you like most and train them as you want. But, how to train a dog to listen to commands- this is a burning question.

In the event that we, today try to find the fecund answer for you. By the way, having a skilled dog makes sense greatly. Yet, this is not similar to having a well-adjusted one. In this connection learn some elementary knack to your dog make him/her perfect smart performed. And, it is for all the accounts.

On the other hand, the dog with a preliminary training can adapt easily to any situation. It is able to behave smartly in all the circumstances. Moreover, a little bit of elementary training also very helpful for future development. Therefore, it’s important to let your dog behave gentle, as you are desired to.

how to train a dog to listen to commands
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But, where do you find it? How can you train your loving dog so that it listens to your order properly? On the off chance that there is plenty of organization, they provide these kinds of service. However, we don’t think you need to go there and book a seat for your loving dog.

Rather, you can do it at yours. In light of the fact, this is the most useful way to let the dog learn more and easily. Relatively, it is a funny thing to do, surely. You just teach your dog by having some play at your own premises, isn’t it funny?

If so, then let us know how to train a dog to listen to commands

  1. Give a name first: This is the first thing you should do with a dog you want to make a good soldier for you. As other members of your family, you consider it one of them. Therefore, why not fixed a mane for her/him? Name him/her first. Then try to let it habituate with the name you have given to it.
how to train a dog to listen to commands
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Remember, it is the thing you should do at a very early level of training. So that it can be familiar with the new calling. Subsequently, response to someone calling by its name. On the other hand, it also makes a positive fortification to its mind. As a result, you will get a good as well as prompt result from it.

Furthermore, for the first few days call it by its new name with some delicacy. In the event that it will respond to it, however, mainly (maybe) for the treat. But, after continuing it for a few days, it will be habituated with the name. Thus, give a mane first to your dog is the most important to train it positively.

  1. Come: This is a very common command to do with the dog. This order makes it away from any unavoidable activities to do. On the off chance that when (if) you lose the dog’s the chain, in this situation it will help you greatly to make it cool. Or, you may forget to close the door, in the event that command “come” will make your dog be with you.
how to train a dog to listen to commands
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So, after naming it, make habituate to attend with the “come” order.

  • Call it by its name.
  • Get you down as you can pull the chain with a soft collar in its neck.
  • Make a gentle massage on its head.
  • Cherished it with some treat and say again “come.”

Continue it for few days. Then pull out the chain after some days and let it be used to it. However, try to practice it with a closed door.


More on- how to train a dog to listen to commands

Dear dog lovers, are you getting interested in this writing? Do you find something new that attracts you more? Relatively, is it going to be a fecund subject for you that can help you most?

If all the above the response is positive, then we want your bet’s opinion on it. On the off chance that we always give more, even more emphasis on our reader’s choice. Consequently, we consider what they are thinking, and wanting to hear from us. Thus, it makes a great sense to us any response from your end.

Be that as it may, please don’t forget to raise your hand- if you feel, any. Ok, now let see the last but not least one on how to train a dog to listen to commands;


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  1. Go: This is a very easy task to do, however, important. In fact, you may not have to use it in some moments. Rather, it (the dog) will generally do it by itself if it feels to do it. But, if you teach it, then the working method will be more smartly. Otherwise, it may fall you any unexpected botheration.
how to train a dog to listen to commands
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In addition to that, your dog will behave as like as you want to. Whenever you command it, it will obey it unquestionably. Moreover, this is the easiest order to teach a dog. In light of the fact, most of the dog trainers start them learning with it. In this connection, they, the trainers, often appeal a technic as below:

  • Set a portion of food in a far away from the dog- while holding the dog tightly with hand.
  • Then gently, message on its head, and, make a look at the food.
  • Finally, say- “go” at the same time release the chain from hand.

They, often do it for a few days. After doing the same way for a few days it will be used to on it. Then, whenever you say go, it definitely will jump for the target. However, you should fix the target first. Thus, it is another great response on how to train a dog to listen to commands. And, never do it for any unethical objects.

However, there is also another way to make a dog learn well behavior. But, it is very necessary to teach them well. Due to the dog becoming a part of people’s life day by day. In fact, some people never think to live without a dog.

All the above tips on how to train a dog to listen to commands are solely generated on real experience basis. Besides this, we also have talked with some experts in this field. Relatively, there was some dog lover who took a part in this investigation. Be that as it may, we tried to make a complete guide for you in this connection.

Yet, if you feel we are missing something, don’t hesitate to raise your arms. We always well come our reader’s positive and structured comments.

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