How to take care of newborn puppies [5 must things to be considered]

how to take care of newborn puppies
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What can be more exciting than expecting a newborn puppy? Along with happiness, it claims some responsibilities also. As it is very small so, the puppy needs extra care. In that sense, Dog Mexico has brought the full guide on how to take care of newborn puppies to secure its’s health and safety.

A newborn puppy is very delicate at her first age. Besides welcoming the newborn puppy, it needs proper care. Along with the newborn puppy, its mother also needs proper rest and take care. They need high-quality care for the first few weeks.

The puppy and its mother need to take care very gently. For the first few weeks, the puppy’s primary activities are feeding and keeping it warm. The mother dog provides all the necessary things to its child. Human first needs to understand their situation.

However, if the puppy is separated from its mother or her mother rejected to accept her. Then you can do take care of the puppy your own. At that point, it will be totally your way of taking care of the little puppy. But then again do a little research before taking your little puppy.

However, the care procedure starts before the puppy is born. But after it’s born you have to give more attention to it. Primarily, you need to separate the puppies from their mother and do further things, for instance, cleaning them and keeping in a warm place.

The newborn puppies are undoubtedly cute and cuddly. But after they are born, for their development you have to work for the first a few weeks. Eventually, you have to take all the responsibilities of your puppy for the first a few days.

In your home, are you also expecting a newborn puppy? Then let’s go deeper and discover the methods on the guide of the take care procedure of a newborn puppy.

Accurate guide on how to take care of newborn puppies;

  1. Making a Den

Afterward, your puppy is born, you need to find a place where you will keep them. To begin with, you need to create a den first. A den is a place where your puppy will stay comfortably with its mother.

how to take care of newborn puppies
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Subsequently, there are a few things that you should keep in the while making a den. Likewise:

  • Take enough tall and wide box to make a den.
  • Apparently, it should have enough space so that the mother and newborn puppy can stay at ease, not suffocated.
  • Make all the arrangements to make the den comfortable for both of them.
  • The den should have a path for their walking. By that, they will be able to go outside of the den and can enter.

Furthermore, the place should be enough spacious with the aim of where the puppy and its mother will stay relaxed.

  1. Heat Mat

For the newborn puppy, a warm place is very much needed. So you have to make its living place enough warm. Besides you can add a heat mat under the paper to it’s living area or else in the den. When the puppy will be separated from its mother, you can turn on the heat mat.

how to take care of newborn puppies
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Furthermore, if you don’t have a heat mat, you can certainly use a hot water bottle to give the puppy a warm feel.  Additionally, the warmth will make the puppy feel better. And gradually it will be able to adjust with the area.

What do you think about the above-mentioned things? Did you make any preparations for your newborn puppy? If yes, then let’s move further and check what are the next things.

  1. Appropriate Food and Water

For the newborn puppy, you may not be understanding what you should provide. In that sense, you can buy dog food from your near store. On the contrary, you can order it online.

how to take care of newborn puppies
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Along with the proper food, there are some things that should be maintained. Keep the food and water near to its living box, so that it can easily have it. If the food is kept close to its den, the dog will not have to go far and be tired.

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  1. Feeding the puppies

For the newborn puppy, the milk that the dog mother provides has every nutrition. In that sense, in mint condition, a puppy is getting its proper nutrition from its mother’s milk. That is enough for the puppy’s first few weeks of food.

how to take care of newborn puppies
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In the first stage of their life, they eat every two hours. But with the development of the body, the interval also increases. Gradually, they start taking solid foods at the age of 7-8 weeks.

However, if you are bringing any change to its milk or replacing the milk, better you consult with a veterinarian. If you suddenly bring any change on the off chance, your puppy probably can fall sick. The replaced milk can cause any disease for instance diarrhea.

  1. Health

The health is the topmost prioritize issue for a newborn puppy. One has to be very careful about the health of a newborn puppy. The first few weeks are the very delicate stage for a newborn puppy. Young puppies can be infected very easily. So, you must be very conscious.

how to take care of newborn puppies
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Additionally, the weight of the puppy is increasing rightly or not that’s another important question. The puppy can gain weight every day to 10 to 15%. If your puppy is growing in this measure it means the puppy is healthy. But still, keep your puppy in the inspection.

Moreover, the antibodies that they get during nursing, will keep them safe from some diseases at an early age. However, make sure you get your puppy vaccinated.

Furthermore, every member of your family has to wash their hands before touching the puppy. Because it can get affected by anything.

These were some of the most important topics that you should do in taking care of newborn puppies. So, we got a surprise for you. Now we will give some tips on what you should avoid. Let’s check out;

  • Don’t touch the puppy until it opens its eyes. Let it be calm first.
  • Don’t keep the puppy in a cold place. Rather make the living area warm.
  • Don’t force it if the puppy stops drinking the milk. Provide it food and water. More, you can consult a vet.

To summarize the topic of how to take care of newborn puppies, we here tried to give you the full guide on this. However, these were the most important things that you should maintain. Additionally, we gave you some instructions on what you should avoid.

We eagerly waiting to know your opinion and comments on the topic. Share your experience with us.

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