How to take care of a newborn puppy without mother

how to take care of a newborn puppy without mother
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Puppies also sometimes become orphans. If their mother dies or rejects them for any reason. However, in that case, there should be raised human hands. Are you also in that sort of situation? If yes then Dog Mexico is the right place of finding the answer to how to take care of a newborn puppy without mother.

There are sometimes when a mother dog dies leaving behind their little puppies. Relatively, sometimes, the mother dog declines to accept its children. At that time, a human has to take the responsibilities of the puppies.

Most often these situation occurs when the puppies are newborn or at a very young age. In the case of a newborn puppy, a mother dog plays a very important role in their life. Nevertheless, if the mother dog dies then you have to take care of the puppy. While this is the most delicate stage of a dog.

Subsequently, as they are not getting the warmth of their mother. They can fall sick or face any critical health issues. Here are a number of the problems that they can face:

  • Hypothermia:

This comes first for the newborn once. It means low body temperature. As they don’t get their mother with themselves. Hence they can face this problem. They must be draped in a warm blanket. Subsequently, there should be a hot water bottle and heat map to their living place.

  • Dehydration:

This is also a very serious problem that puppies face when their mother isn’t with them. Keep wet damp near to their basket. If you find the situation serious, contact your vet. 

  • Hypoglycemia:

Another name of hypoglycemia is low blood sugar. In case, if you find any signs of low blood sugar. Immediately give them some sugar solution or honey. With proper care, you can make them well and save their lives.

Furthermore, you should know all the things while taking care of a newborn puppy who doesn’t have their mother.

Now, let’s the essential things on how to take care of a newborn puppy without mother

  1. Take care of the puppies

The puppies don’t have their mother with them, you know. In those cases, you are the one who has to take care of the puppies. Take the puppies to the vet in order to get experienced caring hands. The vet will be able to give you all the required advice to raise an orphaned puppy.

how to take care of a newborn puppy without mother
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Initially, in 48 hours of birth, take your puppy for a health check-up. If there’s any health issue, give them proper treatment according to the vet. Ask the vet about all the food habits and milk substitutes.  Likewise, tell the vet to give the puppy any serum to build immunity.

  1. Keep them in warmth

The puppies normally get the necessary warmth from their mother. But then if your puppy doesn’t have a mother then you have to provide the warmth. For that reason, you have to make the source of proper body heat for the puppies.

how to take care of a newborn puppy without mother
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While in the 5-6 weeks old, keep them in the temperature of 70-80 Fahrenheit. Gradually they will be able to adjust with the normal room temperature.

Additionally, make sure the puppies get enough breeze to their basket. This thing is really important while on how to take care of a newborn puppy without mother. 


More About Your Puppy:


  1. Feeding and food habit

Feeding is the most important part of raising a puppy. In that sense, newborn puppies need to drink milk every two to three hours. When the puppies start growing up in the 2 weeks to 3 weeks, the puppies drink approximately four times a day.

how to take care of a newborn puppy without mother
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Furthermore, when you are giving them milk, it shouldn’t be too hot. Give a warm kind of milk to the puppies. Moreover, they suddenly don’t provide cow milk. Let the little puppies adjust with their milk. In addition, maintain the amount written on the milk packet.

The above-mentioned things are important while raising an orphan puppy. Yet these are not the end. There are still many imperative things that you have to maintain.

In this stage it to say that taking care of a neonatal puppy missing mommy really a sensible issue

  1. Regular measure weight

It’s very important to find out if your puppy is growing well or not. For that purpose, you have to measure the weight regularly. In the first eight to ten days, their weights get

how to take care of a newborn puppy without mother
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the double naturally. Slowly but surely, it becomes steady.

You must be thinking about what you should use to measure their weigh. To weigh them you can use an electric or postal scale. For your puppy, you can maintain a chart to see their weight. Moreover, if you find the puppies losing weight then contact your vet immediately.

  1. Make a safe environment

A safe environment for every puppy is very mandatory. Make them feel secure with the environment. While the safe environment, we meant their own basket to live. Make the box enough spacious so that the puppy can relax.

To make a nest for puppies, first, take big cardboard. Make it high from the sides so that they can’t jump and stay safe there. Moreover, keep the box in a noise-free place.

Additionally, the place should be dry where you are placing the basket or nest. This point is very important in what way to take care of a fresh puppy short of a mother.

  1. Keep the place clean

Since you are the one who is taking care of the puppy. So, you have to keep the place clean where it’s living. The puppy whether stays with its mother or not. You should clean the place after it’s every meal. Keep the place hygiene with the aim of your puppy can stay healthy.

Today we discussed the topic of how to take care of a newborn puppy without mother. A puppy without his mother is an orphan. The puppy doesn’t get the shelter of its mother. So, you are the one who has to take all the responsibilities of the little puppy.

We tried to bring some of the important topics which will help you to take care of the puppy. If we miss something then surely comment and let us know about your experience.

Furthermore, if you find something important in it, then you are humbly requested to share it with your connections. Subsequently, don’t forget to raise arms if you have something innovative on it.

Thank you very much.

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