How long can I leave my dog alone [4 helpful steps to take]

how long can i leave my dog alone
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Having a pet means enjoying your time in addition taking some responsibilities. If this is your first pet and you don’t have any idea about taking care of it then certainly you are in the right place. In that sense, Dog Mexico brought an essential topic to you about “how long can I leave my dog alone”.

When you have a dog, it means you have to maintain your work and outing schedule. You may have to skip your work sometime. Subsequently, you may feel guilty for leaving your dog alone. But that’s a totally natural process. Read the next steps to learn more about it.

How long can I leave my dog alone

Let’s see what is happening?

The dogs obviously enjoy human companies. They love to play around with humans. They are more reliant for you. However, that doesn’t mean it’s unsafe to leave a dog alone. You can certainly leave them alone, however for a few hours at home.

As you are having a dog as your pet. In that case, you must have proper knowledge of how long you can leave it at home. Moreover, you also should handle the matter of preparing your dog to stay alone. Additionally, knowing about their bathroom break is also important.

To begin with let’s know for how long you can let your dog be alone. Well, you can increase the time with a dog’s growing age. There are also many things that can be changed with your dog’s age.

Regardless of age and sex, we have got some of the most important factors for you to make your works easy. Now, let’s see what we made for you and here we go:

How long can I leave my dog alone; Know the essential facts

  • Puppies: The puppies are small enough, that’s why you can’t leave it more than two hours. Therefore, a puppy can stay alone for two hours-mostly.
  • Adult: The adult dogs ( eighteen months old) can stay at least four to six hours alone in a day. They become habituated with the atmosphere of being alone at home.
  • Elder Dogs: In the sense of elder dogs, they can stay for about two to four hours alone at home. In case if they don’t have any health issues.

This was a minimum time duration of leaving your dogs at home. But is this information enough to keep your dog alone? Absolutely not. You should train your dogs and make habituated with the situation. In that purpose, here are four easy steps on  training your dog:


Step 1: While you are leaving the house, your dog must be coming to you. For first a few days try to ignore it. Gradually, your dog will be habituated with it.

how long can i leave my dog alone
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Step 2: In what time you will arrive at home, don’t need to show very much attention to it. Be normal at your home and behave normally. Slowly the dog will understand that it’s normal of leaving your home and coming back.

Step 3: After you arrive at home, give some commands to your dog. Through this kind of communication, it will learn how to behave. Moreover, welcome your dog warmly and make the situation calm.

Step 4: Practice these things for at least four to five days. After that, your dog will not be panicked anymore when you will leave home.

The above steps are the ways of making your dog understand that your leaving and coming back to home is a regular thing. Your dog will have to learn and adjust to the thing.


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Dear readers, we are not finished yet, rather we have a BONUS for you!

Though dogs can stay at home for around four to six hours a day. But for instance, you got delayed because of any of your work. Furthermore, what if you will have to stay outside for longer?

Then what should you do?

In this circumstance, you need to maintain some necessary things, that you should practice for leaving your dog alone for a longer time. Such as:

  1. Use Monitoring System:

Though it’s not very much risky to leave your dog alone at home. However, there can occur any problem with your dog. For the purpose of assuring your dog’s safety, you can use the monitoring system. You can use any available gadgets from the market to monitor your dog.

  1. Do train your dog:

Training is a must thing for your dog if you go out for work regularly. If you find your dog panicked when you leave home, then start training your dog. A trained dog doesn’t feel panicked or anxious. Rather a normal dog feels more anxiety than a regular dog. Have you any idea how to train a dog to listen to commands?

how long can i leave my dog alone
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  1. Give Enough Toys:

When you will not be in the home, your dog will definitely be bored. Because staying alone at home is new and also maybe a boring thing for the dog. Therefore, give enough interesting toys to play in. With the toys, it may spend more fun time with yourself.

  1. Do Some Exercise:

If you are a morning person and you have to leave every morning to work. Then before leaving your home, do some exercise with your dog. You may go for a morning walk. By doing that your dog will be tired enough and will not spoil or bite things.

  1. Mental Activity:

The dogs are obviously fond of toys. But in case, you have to stay outside for the whole night then you can provide it some mental games. As you are not at home for the whole day, your dog will certainly get bored. To keep their minds fresh, you can give some games like puzzles, which will stimulate their mental health.

But practicing the above-stated things, your dog will be sooner habituated with the situation of being alone at home.

Additional, we still have an important thing to let you know about:

That is the bathroom breaks. Yes, this is a serious issue while having a dog. Let’s get more about it:

  • The puppies can control their pee for three hours. So, before leaving the house you must make arrangements for it.
  • An adult dog can easily control for six hours. Though it varies from dog to dog.
  • Senior dogs face many health issues. So, in their case, they control their pee for two to six hours. Though it also depends on their size.

To sum up today’s topic- how long can I leave my dog alone, we tried to cover up the essential factors. We tried to give you the duration time on leaving your dog alone. Along with that the proper training of your dog to stay alone and what you should do while leaving your dog alone.

We always try to provide all the necessary pieces of information. Consequently, we want to hear from you. So, surely share your experience with us. Subsequently, you can share this with your loving ones who feel it necessary.

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