3 Early signs of dog labor [4 steps to get ready]

early signs of dog labor
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Oh, good news! Your dog is pregnant. She is going to gift you some cute puppies. Is it the first time? In the event that you may get a little bit confused about how to handle it, isn’t it? In that sense, to reduce your stress Dog Mexico is going to help you to learn about early signs of dog labor.

In light of the fact, normally the pregnancy length is of about 63 days for a dog. However, the day can be a little bit more and less, for instance, 59 to 60 due to the breed. Yet, dog labors are less dramatic than us. If the mother dog is capable of giving birth, that is enough. But still, if you accompany the mother dog, you can help with any kind of complication that may occur.

To begin with, you can discuss and know all the details with your veterinarian. It is very important to identify if there is any sign of complication. Moreover, if your dog was under the checkup by any vet, then know about all the preparations. Besides that, it’s better if you find an experienced vet who has done it before.

The last a few days before delivery is always a pressure. As for the mother dog and also for you. As this stage is very much delicate. Thus, you must be ready all the time to help the mother dog, to get out of any complication.

Are you worried about all the processes regarding the delivery of your mother’s dog? Then take a deep breath and you relax first. We tried to bring all the important information to you. Hopefully, you will be able to do the required preparations.

Furthermore, the labor thing and delivery process can be divided into three stages. In this three-stage, you will be able to identify if your mother’s dog is going to deliver the puppies. Let’s move to know further about it.

3 Early signs of dog labor

Stage 1 for the early sign for a dog:

The first stage is obviously the primary stage. When you have to understand its activities. The major noticeable thing is body temperature and further, it starts scratching. You may even see the lack of appetite in your dog. The dog can even vomit and make different kinds of sounds.

early signs of pregnant dog
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In that sense, if you see your dog be restless then take the advance preparations. Make a nest for your dog and you keep ready other necessary kinds of stuff like towel, hot water, blankets and many more. It’s better if you get your vet beside you during this situation.

Stage 2 for the early sign for a dog:

If you keep noticing all her physical changes, then you will get to know if your mother’s dog is going to give birth. You have to notice her physical changes and you will get the signs. When the delivery day will start coming closer, its mammary gland will start to be bigger.

early signs of dog labor
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Before two to nine days, her milk may be present. Moreover, the vulva can be swollen before her delivery. This time is really delicate, so you must be careful in taking care of the mother dog.

Stage 3 for the early sign for a dog:

You must check the mother dog’s temperature. Beforehand the normal temperature of a dog is 100.5 to 102 Fahrenheit. But around 24 hours before the delivery, it drops down to 100. So call your vet if you think you are unable to tackle the situation.

The abdomen of the mother dog will harden due to small contractions. Her abdomen will gradually start becoming hard because of the frequency contraction. And her abdomen seems like a bag of rocks before it gives birth.

What do you think about the above information on the primary symbols of dog labor? Are they helpful for you to find out your mother’s dog’s condition? As we now know the early signs let’s know what are the next steps.

Things you have to do after the noticed initial mark of pooch labor


  1. Find out the true labor time:

After knowing the early signs, you must know when is the time for her delivery? Check her temperature at least twice a day. The drop-down of her temperature will let you know. Moreover, you will find her not having food and feeling restless. If you notice her behave changing rapidly, then take further preparations.

  1. Build a nest for her:

In the time of her delivery, the mother dog needs a private place. The dog needs to feel relax in her nest. So, the nest is a very important thing to make first. The mother dog will stay there at ease.

dog nest for pregnant dog
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For ideal cardboard is the best option. Additionally, the nest should have small blankets and towels. The nest should be placed in the quietest place of the house. Keep her food and water close to her nest. Along with that put her favorite toys in the nest obviously, it should be clean enough.

  1. A helping hand:

In this stressing situation, you should have a helping hand beside you. It will help your dog’s delivery smoothly. To avoid any complication of your mother’s dog, keep a helping hand with you.

early signs of dog labor
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Moreover, you can keep in touch with your vet to get any kind of experienced help. Do regular checkups of your mother dog. Furthermore, keep your vet’s number to do contact anytime. Though, most of the deliveries happen at night. So, if you are in any confusion then talk to your vet and ask for assistance.

The last, however, not least after appearing the premature symptoms of bitch labor,

  1. Take care after birth:

After the mother dog gives birth, it’s another most delicate situation. When you become sure that the delivery is over. You should make sure that every puppy and mother dog is healthy. Make them clean and wrap the puppies in small blankets.

pregnant dog
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In addition, give the mum dog to eat and drink something. Give her normal food but for something calm that she can have after delivery. Help her to take outside in order to have some fresh air.

Today’s topic was early signs of dog labor. But at Dog Mexico, we always try to bring surprising things to you. In that sense, we let you know the after things you should make preparations for further. So that you get all the proper information.

We always wait to hear from you. So, let us know what do you think about it? And how much it helped you.

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