Dog Food Brands To Avoid [5 high selling yet worst]

dog food brands to avoid
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Awareness of which food is not suitable for your loving dog is most essential. Due to avoid any types of unwanted and worst health matters you should have to be up to date on it. Considering the matter Dog Mexico aims to inform you about the dog food brands to avoid.

Unfortunately, there are lots of dog foods available in the market that may cause any serious disease for the dog. Eventually, unwanted obesity, cancer, for instance, may lead due to bad food. Thus, it’s time to knowing the sustenance product that you should escape forever.

Now let’s see what are dog food brands to avoid for the shake of their good health

Before we start, we love to recommend to have a consult with your vet regarding the food you are going to serve to your dog. Subsequently, we also always mention having a check of your dog regularly. Either, you notice any specific changes (after feeding) in their behavior or not.

Relatively, it may cause by their food habits, or there may have something else, just try to be sure about it. Successively, don’t forget to read the FDA’s recent statement regarding grain-free dog foods.


  1. Twin pet

This is the name that comes first while taking a tour of the food brand should avoid for the dog. It basically contains a very cheap food value that is not matched with the dog’s good health. Relatively, it also a herbal-built dry food that applied an inadequate amount of unknown meat.

dog food brands to avoid
image: Twin Pet

Now let see why should you avoid it:

It also contains a slice of undisclosed substance as it’s the main source of visceral proteins. So, it doesn’t make sense for the dog’s health. Rather, it may cause some complications for them. On the off chance that it mainly considered as a portion of cheap food for the dog, nothing else.

What’s more? Additionally, the ingredients used in it are very low-priced as well as debatable puffed rice scraps. As a result, it has very few food values for the dog. Besides this, other ingredients of it are wheat middlings is just identified as a wheat grinder run.

This is a by-product that is left later cereal scrap dispensation. Thus, it is very cheap and doesn’t contain any healthy sense for the dog. As a result, this not good for the dog, even it may cause some illness for them.

Be that as it may, these types of food can lead to some critical circumstances for the dog. So, it is important to find the aptness of these kinds of food while giving your loving dog. However, we recommend it not to use for your pooch.

Problematic Ingredients

  • Corn. 
  • Wheat Middlings.
  • Bone Meal.
  • Grains.
  • Unknown quantity of salt. 


Now let see another one dog food brands to avoid

  1. Purina Dog Chow

This is another dog food that should avoid due to it may cause some serious health issues to your bitch. Yet, this food is from a very renowned company the Nestle Purina Petcare Company. They also introduced the number of pet care food for a long time.

dog food brands to avoid
image: Purina

Now let see why should you avoid it:

Contextually, this company was originated as the Ralston Purina Company in 1893. They, recently producing many products related to pet health. Nevertheless, this product named Purina Dog Chow is the worst one they have launched.

In light of the fact is this product includes a low-quality filter with non-food value ingredients, wheat, soy, corn product, for instance. That has no benefits for the dog, even, it may cause some complications in their health. Furthermore, it also contains artificial colors, flavors as well as preservatives.

Unfortunately, due to well promotional activities by the company many dog owners regularly used this product, yet they- either not getting any good results, or facing some complications. Consequently, due to cheap pricing, it becomes very popular in a short timeline.

Problematic Ingredients

  • Corn.
  • Wheat.
  • Soybean meal.
  • Bone meal.
  • Dyes for color.

Love to Read us?


  1. Ol’ Roy

This is a product of the Mars Group and you may find ti in Walmart Stores. However, it is also should avoid using for your loving dog. On the off chance that this the highest-selling dog food in the USA, yet it is time consider as the worst product for the dog.

Now let see why should you avoid it:

The main reason is to sell it high is very inexpensive and available everywhere. It means you can find it within your hand-range, easily. But, it is proved that the ingredients they are used in it are not-qualify as well as very cheap. Subsequently, it also contains some unhealthy colors and preservatives, thus may be harmful to the dog’s health.

Moreover, there were two major issues raised against this food in 2007 and 2008. The first one due to potential Salmonella Contamination and the other one was due to potential Melamine Concerns[1]. Therefore, they have been withdrawn these foods from the market.

Problematic Ingredients

  • Corn.
  • Soy.
  • Wheat.
  • Artificial Color.
  • By-product meal.

Apart from the above list of the dog food brands to avoid, you should also be knowing the bellows list of foods


  1. Cesar Filets

Another one of the worst dog foods you should know about it. It contains a very minimum level of proteins while containing over the level of salt. That may cayuse very critical health issues for your loving dog. But this is not the only reason to avoid it.

dog food brands to avoid
image: Cesar filet

Now let see why should you avoid it:

It doesn’t contain a sufficient amount of ingredients that may help to build up good health for the dog. Rather, it has added some food color along with other preservatives that are not preferable for any pet. Consequently, the protein, fat, and carbs should be added at a good level in food, but, here you couldn’t find it inappropriate level.

As a result, it not going to make any positive sense for your pooch. Even, it may induce some negative health circumstances for them. Therefore, just simply leave it, now.

Problematic Ingredients

  • High volume of salt.
  • Artificial color.
  • Below average carbs content.
  • By-product meal.
  • Wheat. 


  1. Diamond

This is the last but not the least for today’s dog food brand to avoid. This company produced some foods for the pet, yet that is meet the desired quality. Though they are claiming that it is the first-class pet product with the super-cheap, however, this is not factual.

dog food brands to avoid
image: Diamond pet

Now let see why should you avoid it:

To be very honest, there is not any dog food available in the market with such a lower price that is with a very high quality. No, never, as it not possible. Because to maintain good quality, you should expense a little bit more. If no, then how could you sell it at a lower price?

Besides this, though they have made some good sales in the market. It’s just due to their good promotional activities, nothing else. But, for the time being, it becomes open to all that this product is really not making any positive sense for the dogs. Rather, causing some health issues the dogs.

In fact, it has been proven that Diamond food contains such heavy ingredients that are not recommended for the pet. Consequently, most of the ingredients they used in food, comes from the unnamed and unrecommended sources. As a result, considering all the above-mentioned things, this food is also should be avoided for the dog.


Problematic Ingredients

  • Corn.
  • Soy.
  • Wheat.
  • Heavy carbs.
  • Plant proteins- that are inferior to the animal proteins. 


To conclude, we- here described 5 dog food brands to avoid. These mentioned brands are the most common names in the industry. Subsequently, also a very high selling position in the market as well, yet, not meeting the desired quality as they should. Even, among all of these brands, there is some recalls history against a few brands due to the dog’s health issues.

Hence, keep in mind whatever you are giving to your loving dog that should make some positive sense for it, otherwise leave it. That’s why we strongly recommended that you just make a conversation with your vet while feeding your pooch, or, choosing foods for them.


Also, please note that whatever we are described here is solely based on real facts with the due references:



Hence, this is not limited to, rather, there must have something else that should be seriously considered while finding a dog’s food.


And, please don’t hesitate to raise your hand if you feel. We love to hear from our readers as it is the base of our writings. Relatively, don’t forget to share it with the relevant connections you are feeling to share.

Thank you very much.

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