Best guard dog for first-time owner [4 fortified choices]

best guard dog for first time owner
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Are you nominated to find out the best guard dog for first-time owners? Dog Mexico can help you greatly in this relation. So far, finding a guard dog that is best suited for the first-time dog owner not a matter of jock. Somewhat, loads something more.

Initially, it is important to decide what is the reason to pick a guide dog, for family or for other purposes. Depending on the purposes easy to pick the best fits. Because not all the guard dogs are with the same nature. Eventually, their adaptation habits also may make differences.

Additionally, human dominating dogs from the long long ago for numerous purposes. Due to dogs are likely more loyal as well as loving company and it is demonstrated unquestionably. However, when it comes to the question of the first-time dog owner, it makes a critical sense.

Thus, before going with the best guard dog for the first time dog owner, we just set alight on the dog managing and maintenance activity. Because this is a very important part to pick the right one.

Subsequently, not all breeds may act in the same way with their owner. Relatively, different breeds should be treated in different ways. Otherwise, difficulties might occur and that may lead to any unexpected circumstances both for the dog and owner as well.

OK. Now let see best guard dog for first-time owner



best guard dog for first time owner
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The German shepherd treated as one of the best guide dogs, even for the first time dog owner. On the off chance that it is a comparatively new breed. In the late 19th century it has been bread.

Due to the birthplace, its name starts with German. However, just immediately after born, it was distributed over the world as it becomes very popular as a guide dog.

Why a German Shepherd?

This name comes first due to its excellent guard. Within a very short time, it makes itself an uncompetitive guard dog all over the world. It has a natural instinct so that they can track the opponent’s trail. Consequently, it is capable to detect the land mine.

Above the reason was played a great role to select it in the second world war by both the positive power and the negative also. And, it is the best choice for almost all the police department over the world.

Due to it’s excellent responsive nature to command and smelling capacity makes it a great guard dog among all. Furthermore, their usual character to the lesson, follow and absorb also a great reason to pick them for you.

Apart from the above characteristics, it has some other important positiveness that makes it different from other breeds. If it trained properly, it could be the best guard dog ever. Self-confidence in its ordinary personalities.

In addition to that, it will stand up next to or in front of its owner as long as it feels needed. They are very willing to learn and eager to show it to the owner what they have learned. It’s COOL, isn’t it?

Maintainance Tips For You 

In fact, this is such a type of dog which is trained by born. In addition to that, it is very gentle and wants to obey the command. You just need to make them used to the new command. With appropriate training, this dog can be your best company with assured protection, undoubtedly.

Royal Canin German Shepherd Adult Dry Dog Food

This food is exclusively designed for the german shepherd dog. Unlike other breeds, its digestive system is likely a little bit fragile. As a result, it often suffers from loose motion.

In the event that this food is the ideal for them, Also, it has more importance to make up a good skin. However, the mentioned food is for over 15 months ages, German shepherd.

Special tips for first-time dog owners
Make sure that it has its own bed to sleep. Oh no, we are not telling you to make it with your bed, however, keep a bed that only for it. And, treat it as your important family member. Make it confirm that where it is sleeping its solely “its” bed, not shared. It will pay you back, surely.

Furthermore, please keep in touch with your vet and make regular close supervision to your dog. Though, the German Shepherd has not any critical disease history. However, it will help you to avoid any kind of unhealthy situation.

Another best guard dog for first-time owner like a German shepherd



best guard dog for first time owner
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Doberman Pinscher also with a German background. In around the 20th century, it was breed as a guard dog, and till today they are treated as a very efficient guard dog with great basic instinct.

Basically, Doberman is an assorted breed with the Grayhound and Terriers. They are very widely used in police and military groups, especially just after the second world war due to their great athletic shape and loyalty.

Why Doberman Pinscher?

To be very honest Doberman is one of the best loyal guard dogs in the world. Moreover, it’s such a type of dog that obeys the command very fastly and easy to maintain. Furthermore, its gentle behavior and respecting attitude to their owner makes it unquestionably popular among all the pooches.

Besides this, unlike other few dogs, Doberman has required a little bit more attention to training. Relatively, this short-haired breeds claim additional exercise and foods to make it full in to follow the command. Therefore, it is important to train them from an early age due to established control over it.

Doberman is very cautious and alert regarding all the things and peoples around it if it is new for Doberman. But, as a gentle breed, it waits for its owner’s command. Otherwise, just get ready for any unavoidable situation, not take action. This is a very interesting side of its character.

What’s more on the Doberman? It’s a little bit short-living dog breed, however, not with any specific medical issues. Considering all the above matter Doberman Pinscher may be one of the best guard dogs for first-time owners.


Maintainance Tips For You

On the off chance that Doberman is a little bit tricky to train. It required more. Even more, concentration to make it fit for your full protection. It is intelligent thinking to train it at an early age so that it can adapt to the job it has to be done. However, after good training, it will be your nice companion, surely.

Eukanuba Premium Performance 30/20 Adult Dry Dog Food



This food contains such types of ingredients that help greatly to your dog being sporty and stronger. In fact, it

improves the hunting mentality that is very crucial for a guard dog. Additional calcium support makes bone more rigorous for the best performance.

Special tips for first-time dog owners
Due to a relatively short life-time owner, Doberman may seem with some great health issues, yet it is not true. Rather, it has very minimal health complications compared to other breeds. You just need to make a gentle shape of its tails-hair, yet this is not clinically essential.

And, don’t let your beloved Doberman alone for a long time rather make it visit with the vet for a health checkup. Due to make it with good health try to know about the common health issues of a Doberman Pinscher.

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best guard dog for first time owner
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Rottweiler is another guard dog with a great aggressive attitude and intelligence. On the off chance that this dog was mainly most used by the Romanian Army in the event of the war. It considers a shadow army for them. Moreover, they have been used as personal protection also for many families.

Why Rottweiler?

Rottweiler is a very well-alarming dog and easy to handle if trained appropriately- these features make them more usable among the dog owners as a guard dog, especially for the first time dog owners.

On the other hand, it also trues that, if the Rottweiler not trained appropriately, it may cause harm. Due to its over-aggressive behavior, it initially requires some more attention. However, after you trained it as it needed, it could be one of the best protection for you and your family as well.

But the most important as well as enjoyable characteristics of this dog is this considered as the smartest dog in the world. However, it needs proper training to make it as safe as you want for you. It will confirm your full protection followed by good training.

Apart from the above-mentioned matter Rottweiler treated as the born-leader among all the breeds. You need not do many things for it. Just make a concentrated training for it, however, it should not be overdoing.

In light of the fact, it will submit to you itself as one of the best loving and accurate command-following dogs after getting a firm training. As a result, due to great natural instinct and intelligence, the Rottweiler could be a perfect choice for the first time dog owner as a guard dog.


Maintainance Tips For You 

Training could be the main concern for this one. Due to its over-aggressive behavior, it should be trained appropriately from day one. Keep in mind that Rottweiler considers as one of the smartest guard dogs among all.

Yet, it only could be possible after a firm exercise, otherwise, it may treat you in a dangerous way. Don’t worry, it’s easy to train it if it starts at an early stage. A properly skilled Rottweiler is as lovely as can’t imagine.


Dr. Gary’s Best Breed Holistic German Dry Dog Food

Keeping in mind the physical, biological and overall health issues of three dogs breed- German Shepherd, Dobermans, and Rottweilers, this food was invented. Its essential vitamins support to improves Rottweiler's immune system.

And the well-balanced ratio of other nutrients keep it fit for all the time- that is a vital quality of a guard dog. Furthermore, the New-Zealand green-lipped sea makes muscles and connecting tissues stronger.

Special tips for first-time dog owners

Truth to be told that the Rottweiler is the dog with a very minimal history of the disease and they are subjects to very few illnesses. Rather it has an imaginary well-being past. Yet, like other dog breeds, it’s the most concern is cancer. It’s feeding need close monitoring.

Additionally, don’t make it over-exercised, otherwise, it will be over-aggressive. Keep in mind all the dogs are not in the same nature. Subsequently, as a first-time dog owner, it may require some more attention to make them as like you are wanting to.

Moreover, also it may take time to adapt to the job for them. The vet will help you mostly regarding the food. So, don’t let the vet away from you. And, the last but not least thing is, at least for the first few months take his prescription and follow that.


best guard dog for first time owner
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Unlike the German Shepherd or the Rottweiler, Bullmastiff was breed in England. It is, on the off chance that a vary nice tracker and it often used to do the job. And, needless to say, it did it’s the duty with the best efforts.

Now let see the genetic features of it. As its name basically it is a combination of Bulldog and Mastiff that is born to work very silently, yet, efficiently. Special to inhibit escaping action of criminals, it plays an unbeatable role.

Why Bullmastiff?

As just mentioned above regarding the special characteristics of a Bullmastiff to find the scaping criminal, it might be the right choice as a guard dog. Moreover, this is such a type of dog that learns very quickly. Its basic natural intelligent power makes it a quick-learner.

Another interesting thing about its character is its very aware regarding everything around them going on. In fact, it always moves around at the outdoor of the house to see what’s going on. If it feels anything wrong, starts its original job, instantly.

Bullmastiffs are a very loyal dog and due to this nature, they are often flourished for the fondness of their owner. To get that best result from it, take it for yours at a very early age. Consequently, train it constantly to be used to with you and your family members.

Another important reason to get it as one of the best guard dogs for first-time owners is it can play as your subordinate’s role. You just need to train it properly for doing so. Bullmastiff can play its role very properly with the very minimal of command. So, you can rest assured on it, surely.

Maintainance Tips For You 

In terms of training, you got the most efficient dog ever, as Bullmastiff is a very quick learner. Subsequently, it is such types of dogs with natural basic instincts. Additionally due to its borning history is deeply related to the war, is has some common intelligence in its characteristics.

Thus, as a guard dog for the first time dog owner, no need to give extra effort, but just basic requirements. It also self-learner by nature.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Large Breed Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

This food is very well suited for the bullmastiff. It is grain-free and also free from corn, wheat, and soy. Thus, it is extremely safe for your dog.
Moreover, it’s high-quality proteins and optimal blend of calcium-phosphorus makes dog’s bone stronger than needed as a guard dog.

Special tips for first-time dog owners

Bullmastiff needs the right training from the early stage of age, otherwise, it will not serve you as you need to. Furthermore, it will also behave in a wrong manner to the other breeds.

Be that as it may, generally Bullmastiff sees as a competitor or an enemy to the others breeds. However, it can be lessened, even can remove if trained properly. Fortunately, it doesn’t have any serious health issues, yet some hip and joint difficulties.

The vet will aid you frequently concerning the food. So, don’t let the vet absent after you. At least for the first few months take his instruction and trail that.

Hang onto in mind all the pooches are not in an equal nature. Remember, it may take time to familiarize yourself with the guard job for them.  Consequently, as a first-time dog owner, it may have need some more consideration to make them as similar you are wanting to.

What you need to remember about the best guard dogs for first-time owners

All the above-listed dogs are breeds as a guard dog and thus some important things that you should remember and maintain properly. And, the things are:

It is not to combat             

This is the first thing you should remember. Unfortunately, often some of the dog owners treated it wrongly as a fighting dog, yet it does not fare to it. And, as human, we should behave to the animal as like it deserve by nature. Therefore, treat it as a safety for the sake of you and your family, also for your property.


As we have mentioned above that all the breeds are not with the same nature due to it comes from the various kind of genetics. As a result as a dog owner, you should know about the inheritance of the dog you are going to take for you.

Moreover, try to adapt to the natural activities that fit it best. Remember, individual dogs might have a separate liking/dislikings, yet, it is from the same genetics. Thus, make sure you are doing the best things with it to outcome the best result.

Not all are the same in nature

As mentioned above due to the heredity, not all the dogs surely not will be at the same behavior. Moreover, in some cases being the same genetics there also might have something different. In fact, like humans, they also have their own natural fundamental structures.

Keeping this in great concern, you should have to make different arrangements for the individual. Therefore, it will not exactly an intelligent way to get a referral from other dog owners who have the same one as yours.

You may get the suggestion, however, not try to follow exactly before knowing details of your dogs. In this connection, your vet can help you most. Consequently, with the help of the vet, or by another way, try to know if there any special disease history of the dog you are going to get.

Light of the fact, there are some dogs who have some physical and mental complications by born. For instance, the German Shepherd doesn’t like the hasty sound, in fact, it becomes a little bit scared while flashy sounds occurring.

Be that as it may, it may not be appropriate to take as a guard dog, however, depend on actually what types of job it has to do. Furthermore, there might have been some other phobia in other once characteristics.

As a result, you need to sure about what kind of duty you let it do. Relatively, overall the nature and heredity along with special characteristics of the dog you are going to get.


Keep in mind being a dog owner regardless of a normal dog or a guard dog, not just a safety making or enjoyment, rather it demands more attention to it. In fact, it is a great responsibility for a dog owner to take care of it all the way. Consider your vet to check it regularly with the best food prescriptions.

best guard dog for first time owner
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Love it

This is your four-footed child, one of the most important members of your family as its givi9ng the safety for all of you, so love it. Don’t dare to treat it as only a guard dog, rather treat it as your most close friend. Never behave harshly, rather show patient and love to it.

Final as well as predictive words for you

As you are nominated to find the best guard dog for first-time owners.  Hence, it is your responsibility to make all the above things clear from the beginning to the person going to get it.

Unquestionably, it will pay back you, positively.

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