American bully feeding secrets [Some great ideas for you]

american bully feeding secrets
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Feeding your nice and beloved dog is claims somethings like knowledgeable gathering indeed. Considering this matter, the dog owner often falls in a critical situation. Hence, as a reference “American bully feeding secrets” is definitely going to make sense for them. And, Dog Mexico took the opportunity to describe it here.

To start with, the responsibility of feeding your bully is not an easy task to do for all the owners. In fact, it becomes very hard, especially for those who are new in this section. Subsequently, for the experienced guy, also it may make a little bit of confusion as feeding habits are changing frequently.

Furthermore, dog health and adaptation with the new coming days also makes sense in this connection. We, to find the secrets of American bully feeding thus made some investigation on it. Our goal was to reveal the main strategy of how they maintain their health well.

To do so, we, on the off chance that, really finds something very interesting that very helpful as well. We took some interviews with various kinds of dog owners in this relation. Also, there were few people who have more that one bully with an excellent health condition.

Now let’s see what we find on American bully feeding secrets


  • Home-produced sustenance for them

This comes first in mind while taking a chance to describe foods for the bully. To be very honest, if you can make them used to it, that will be the best option for them as well as you also. However, in this connection, you should know the exact recipe for making the food.

Be that as it may, your vet can help you a lot in this matter. Successively, there are tons of resources in the market and web that can make sense of it. Some bully owners thus greatly depend on these types of foods for their loving ones. It is mainly produced from deferent types of food ingredients. Yet, the recipes may be different for different ages and types of American bully.

For example, one may like to make some dry fruits or fruits. On the other hand, someone is very keen to make it with meat. Eventually, there are also some people they love to feed their bully by vegetable. Whereas another one gets preference to make a combination of fruits, veg, and meat also.

It means, it really depends on your bully how it taking the food. And, how the foods giving it a healthy living as well. In fact, the bully’s health comes first to consider, isn’t it? Hence, whatever you are doing that is for the shake of its well-being.

Additionally, it’s very safe- at least, some bully owners think that. As they can be made by themself. Therefore, they can control it by the amount and ingredients in it. So they can change it frequently as their bully’s choice. Yet, they did it by the reference of their vet, undoubtedly.

If you really think that you are capable enough to feed your beloved American bully by yourself, then go with it. There are plenty of recipes, healthy soup, vegetable juice, big meaty braise, for instance. However, if you not being easy to make it, then take help from your nearest experience guy.

Let’s see another part of American bully feeding secrets

  • Exceptional bully nutrients

Ok, you may not wish to give your dog your home-made food. Or, you are not want to make it by yourself. No problem, there also have another solution for you. In light of the fact, the premium dog is really made for such a type of customer, like you.

american bully feeding secrets
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There are tons of high-quality food for the dogs available in the market. You just need to pick the appropriate one that fits best for your bully. Though, many companies claim that they are producing exceptional quality foods. Yet, there are also some foods, just making a good promotion, but not goes with the quality you are looking for.

Therefore, you need to select the original one that makes a positive sense for your bully.  Try to buy it from any world renown stores, as they often ensure the quality product. Consequently, don’t forget to see the ingredients of the foods and the date of expires as well.

Keep in mind that you should also ensure that the foods you are giving to your bully are well-made. It’s’ contains all the nutrients need the American bully. Subsequently, the right amount of items is also preferable.

Relatively, sufficient amounts of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fat, etc. must be there to ensure the bully’s good health. Truth to be told that these types of dog food may cost you a little bit more. But you consider the bully’s health, it’s nothing for you, surely!

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We didn’t finish yet on American bully feeding chart

However, if you think this is more than enough for you, then we have a BONUS for you! And, here we go;

american bully feeding chart
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  • Some nutrients that should include in your American bully foods

There are various kinds of nutrients that are essential for keeping the dog’s good health and their right growth as well. It greatly needs their, physical, mental, cognitive, internal organs, muscles, for instance, developments.

So, let’s see the ingredients that make sense of their overall developments. You can maintain this American bully feeding chart;


No vitamins, no dog foods. There must have some vitamins in your dog’s foods. In fact, vitamin A helps to maintain good skin & hair for those. Whereas vitamin E is responsible to develop its immune system rightly. Thus, make sure that in your dog foods these two types of vitamins are available.

Biological compound

This is the main source of energy. And you should ensure it for your American bully. Wheat, oats, barley, rice corn are the best source of the biological compound, like carbohydrates. Try to ensure for your bully 30–70% carbohydrates with its foods/daily.

american bully feeding chart
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On the off chance that for a dog minerals helps a lot, especially in the growing level. It takes a role to build the total body system and make deficiency prevention as well. Sodium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and chlorides are the basic minerals they need badly. Vegetables, meats, grains, fruits, are great sources of minerals.

american bully feeding secrets
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Fat is essential for food consumption. It also helps to progress craving, haircoat condition and bodily force of the dog. Chicken, vegetable, soybeans oil, fish oil, even some fruits are the best source of fat. However, don’t give them too much fat in their foods as it may cause harm to them.


Proteins help to repair their body tissue and muscles. Therefore, it also you must ensure with their foods. There are tons of foods contains proteins, however, the meat product is the best source of it. Beef, chicken meat, turkey, lamp, for instance, a great birthplace of proteins.


To reveal the American bully feeding secrets, we also find some great ideas that may make you amazed. We find here some regular, yet very crucial nutrients names that really helpful for dog’s health. Fiber is one of them.

Surely it seems SURPRISING to you, right? As in general we all know that fiber is not the most essential ingredients for your bully, yet it ha a great role of body function. Fiber helps to improve constipation as well as diarrhea for your loving dogs. Relatively, it greatly helps to maintain a healthy colon for them.


This is solely important for your dog’s bone and teeth development. Not only that but also it helps to build the teeth and bone correctly. Green beans, yogurt, low-fat milk, canned fish, for instance, are a nice source of calcium. You should make sure it in your American bully’s foods.

american bully feeding chart
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Though here we talked about the American bully feeding secrets. Yet, this is mainly a thing that solely depends on the workout. Nothing like that you do it once, and getting result forever. Rather, it claims to do a daily basis, even more, longer times.

Consequently, this is not only standing on the good foods you are giving the bully. Somewhat, the right amounts at the right time are also fecund matter. Don’t forget that a healthy American bully also is entertainment for its owner. They love it very much, thus they should make it healthy. In the event that American bully feeding chart helps them greatly.

To make a summary, we strongly recommend you to share it with your relevant connection if you find something important in it. Successively, don’t let us be empty, rather make some comments, or raise arms.

We, Dog Mexico, always well come to our readers’ choice.

Thank you very much.

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