4 week old puppy feeding schedule [some good reply for you]

4 week old puppy feeding schedule
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A 4 week old puppy feeding schedule claims intensive attention. In fact, all the puppies come out from the mother’s womb to feed her milk, naturally. That gives the puppy all the nutrients as needed. And, it can be started from day one. Relatively, continue till weeks, months, or an age if needed.

However, when it comes to feeding a puppy by other than a mother, it makes some asking generally-when to feed, what to feed, how, for instance. Eventually, for how long they need to feed like this. When they should start with a portion of solid food- there are tons of questions that may have.

Considering all the above matters we- Dog Mexico bring here some important information for you. It surely, we believe, going to help you greatly. We, for doing so, had to make some details investigation on this. Subsequently, we took the opportunity to take some expert’s opinions on this matter.

Be that as it may, we got some very useful information that you will love to hear. Besides this, it will show you the way to feed your loving puppy properly with the right food. Consequently, it also will enable you to make healthy eating habits for better living.

Thus, let’s see what we made for you on 4 week old puppy feeding schedule

Simply, like your loving infant baby, the puppy also treated in the same way. On the off chance that they really deserve it. They should be given foods that they can consume properly. Subsequently, it should fill-up their body needs.

Furthermore, though newborn puppies are solely dissimilar and often necessary some extra care. Yet, there are definitely foods that ensure their well-being and grow further. Due to making them enable you to lead a healthy life, you should take care of it, seriously.

In this connection, your vet may suggest you most. However, taking care of some predictive factors, things come easy for you, undoubtedly. To do so, follow the routine below:

What you have to organize initially to feed

  • Puppy’s mother’s milk alternative.
  • Dehydrated nourishment for your puppy.
  • A big dish for collaborating milk, diets or somethings needed.
  • A sweetheart feeder.

Make all the above arrangements within your hand-range. By the way, if the puppy’s mother is not able to feed her properly, then run for the mother’s milk alternative. And you may collect it from any pet store nearby you. Consequently, you also find their dehydrated food for her, collect that as you need.

  • Make a feeding schedule

This comes first for a 4 week old puppy feeding schedule. You should make a feeding schedule for your loving puppy. A 4-week old puppy may depend only on milk and with some li

4 week old puppy feeding schedule
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quid foods. And, it may require to continue for several weeks, even a month-long.

Thus, making a daily feeding schedule is necessary. Normally, at this age, they are referred to as soft foods with milk- regardless of mothers or substitutes. In the event that with milk there might be a mixture with other nutrients to make easy-swallow food for them.

Whatever it is on 4 week old puppy feeding schedule, break it down by 4 in a day;


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  • The early morning

To be honest, a 4-week puppy is an early riser then you (you may not want to rise early.) However, be that as is may, please change your wake-up schedule for the shake of your loving puppy. Yet, you no need to continue it for longer periods.

The puppy may be feeling hungry after wake-up in the morning. So, make the appropriate arrangement to feed it. In the bowl, blend composed milk alternatives properly and, then give it to your puppy.

4 week old puppy feeding schedule
image: Adobe Stock

In the event that your puppy may not be easy to eat with the bowl, as she is used to feeding with mothers nipple. In case of that, give her a little baby bottle-feeder. Definitely, she will love it and thank you.

Subsequently, if you see that she is loving it very much with great pleasure. Run for other steps, mix some dry food with the milk. Eventually, you may offer it milk alternatives with some watering suitable for her. Keep in mind, if you think she is feeling comfortable then, mix some liquid oatmeal with it.

  • Middle of the day

Don’t dare to hurry, be persistent to divert her soft food from the milk or milk alternatives. Successively, this meal should be near noon. In light of the fact, if you are not able to be at home at this time, please don’t let her alone.

4 week old puppy feeding schedule
image: Adobe Stock

In the event that, you may keep her with you, wherever you go or make someone responsible to feed her timely. We, in this connection, highly recommend to make her a little bit walk with you in a day.

However, at the noon keep her with the same meal with the right amount she feeling happy. Keep in mind, this is a very crucial time to make her used to with you and the circumstances. So, behave with her as you intend to do with your little one baby.

  • Early afternoon

So everything you are doing only for your loving puppy, huh! It’s good to see this type of initiative taken by you, really amazing! We greatly appreciate it! Besides this, make your puppy’s third meal for the day at just after 3 hours of the second one.

4 week old puppy feeding schedule
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Regardless of whatever you are giving her, just make it a little bit lighter than the previous two’s of the day. Let your puppy’s digestive system say thanks to you. As they may not happy toe get more meals at this time.

  • Late afternoon

It’s- on the off chance that time to dinner. However, try to complete it by 6-7 pm regularly. Don’t dare to avoid it. As it is a very important meal for the 4-weeks old puppy. Make it properly.

Eventually, your puppy is going to be without a meal for a long time-thrower the night. Thus, this meal makes great sense to them. These meals will keep them with dreamy sleep while they are happy with their bally.

4 week old puppy feeding schedule
image: Adobe Stock

Yet, sometimes they may wake up in the middle of the night and feeling hungry. Therefore, you should keep some food for them to feed at this time. If you haven’t experience yet, this is an agreeable occupation for you.

In conclusion, to say that a 4 week old puppy feeding schedule like an infant baby feeding. So, taking care of it, like; taking care of newborn ones. In fact, it will grow healthy or unhealthy, solely depends on how it is treating at this stage.

As a result, it makes great sense to make the 4-weeks old puppy with proper feeding regiments. Afterward, it also a must-done job for a puppy owner to make it happy all the way.

Oho, just for a soft reminder (with the puppy’s soft-meal) for you- don’t let us empty, rather make some sound from your end. We- unquestionably will be happy to hear from you.

Thank you very much, be happy with your pet and let them happy, too.

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